Sahmika Wendell of Ronail / Fae Maiden of Coppermoore

Current age: 23, assuming she was 7 when found
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 129 lbs.
Favorite foods: apples, cocoa cake
Favorite drinks: milk, well water
Likes: fae, singing (badly), shopping
Dislikes: lying, chores, horses
Personality traits: honest, brave, naive

Sahmika and five other children were discovered in the abandoned mining town of Coppermoore by a peacekeeping force from the nearby city of Ronail. As the children seemed to have no memory of their lives before waking up in the fae-filled ruins that same day, they were brought back to Ronail and placed in the city's orphanage. When a bully stole her best friend's necklace, Sahmika leaped into action, pounded the bully, and won the necklace back, earning the nickname "Smacky" - due mostly to her younger friend's mangling mispronunciation of "sahmika", but appropriate nonetheless.

Not long after, an outbreak of crimson fever swept through the orphanage, and many of the children were moved to temporary families to either recover or to avoid catching the contagious disease. It would not look as if Sahmika would have a home to go to, until the grizzled captain William Wendell arrived at the orphanage to provide aid and, somewhat to his own surprise, left with the little girl that would win his heart and become his adopted daughter.

Barely able to lift a blade and having just recovered from the fever, Sahmika began pestering her father to teach her the ways of battle. Despite being quite puzzled as to why a sweet, loving little girl was so insistent on learning how to brawl like a boy, Captain Wendell did his best to pass his knowledge on, as well as allowing her to come with him each morning to Ronail's training grounds. When Sahmika grew upset at being too short to strike at the head of a training dummy, her father suggested she focus on the more accessible stuffed body of the target; advice that she would take to heart and would serve her well years later when the real battles began.

When Sahmika was 13 years old, she gained a big sister of sorts when the brash and defiant Lady Eri Amberblanche arrived in Ronail seeking a bounty reward and a safe place to live after fleeing her home in the Ryte-controlled Southern lands. Sahmika was enthralled with Eri's thrilling stories of adventure, and even the battle-hardened refugee couldn't help but grow fond of her new admirer. The fashionable and often flamboyant warrior may not have always been the best role model for Sahmika, but she did provide the excitement, experience, and sisterly encouragement that would strengthen the young heroine for the future.

Now an adult with the knowledge of her recently-retired warrior father and a few of Eri's sword fighting and evasive techniques, Sahmika was ready to face the evil that would follow the recent accidental summoning of the archflaeme Vaene by the sultan of Jynnus. After laying fiery waste to those foolish enough to attempt to make the underworld's power their own, Vaene disguised herself as an Eastern noblewoman and traveled by ship to Ronail, where she would discover the arrival of the flaemes had already been foreseen by the fae - twenty-three years earlier.

The children of Coppermoore were not simply orphans left among a protective horde of tiny fireflies, they were fae themselves; spirits of nature given human form and a mission: to prepare for the eternal and inevitable clash with their underworld counterparts, the flaeme. Six were blessed, but it would only require one with a pure heart, giant hair, and the innate love of all that is good to send the she-devils back to the darkness.