His Orangeness

Snow sultan his orangeness by snowsultan

Latest version, pretty happy with this.

Snow sultan go back final

Quick comic-style work inspired by real events. Also learned that you don't need to use "from" with "whence"; whence already means "from where".

Snow sultan i know horns i have the best horns by snowsultan

First image I made of him. He's remained mostly unchanged since.

His Orangeness

The new primary villain in my silly little fantasy story, Kofaevae the Indulgent is a high-ranking flaeme that battled Sahmika 500 years ago and has returned to the modern age, taking a new fat, obnoxious form. We don't yet know how his latest incarnation will ultimately be dealt with, so I'm sticking with showing his previous reign of evil, incompetence, and mayhem.

Customized from Kayleess' Behemoth product at DAZ. Much more Kofaevae info over in my deviantArt gallery where there's more room to write nonsense. :) Thanks for taking a look!