The Serpent Slayer Returns

Snow sultan the serpent slayer returns by snowsultan
Snow sultan hello ladies lust test updated 10 7 by snowsultan

Updated version of Lust, still not completely up-to-date though.

Snow sultan storybook lust 2015 by snowsultan

One more of him, simple color test.

The Serpent Slayer Returns

From 2007, still probably one of my better 3D renders. I later implemented a redesigned version of this hero into Sahmika's story (as a goofball playboy named Laventus "Lust" Lovelle), and this scene is his great exaggeration of an encounter with a gorgon (they actually drank together and parted ways peacefully). ;) Rendered in DAZ Studio (I think? either that or Poser), postwork in Photoshop. Thanks for viewing!