Lust (Prince Laventus Lovelle of Veranos)

Current age: 30
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 186 lbs.
Favorite foods: cheese (which he puts in or on everything)
Favorite drinks: wine, milk
Likes: women, fire, snakes
Dislikes: husbands, spiders
Personality traits: flirtatious, confident, clueless

Thirty years ago, the pregnant queen of the eastern port city of Veranos visited the Eastern lands to celebrate the birth of her sister's baby boy. Later, at a festival honoring the visiting royal, the queen fell ill shortly after accepting a cup of golden tea from a follower of the naga lord Galkaga in disguise. Being a strong and good-hearted woman, she did not become a minion of the devil lord as those with weaker morals often do, but she and her husband feared what horrors the demonic brew might inflict on their unborn son.

Seven months later, a healthy child was born, and the dread that had loomed over Veranos for many months began to pass. It would not be until the boy was eight years old and able to summon small bursts of fire that signs of Galkaga's curse became apparent. However, the powers of devil lords are only strong against the weak-willed, and the king took extra care to ensure that his young son stayed on a righteous and just path. Laventus joined the royal guard and impressed his fellow soldiers (as well as more than a few ladies) with his fire-summoning skills and chiseled good looks. Jealous boyfriends were soon warning their women to stay away from Prince "Lust".

At age nineteen, a fearsome golden-haired gorgon was discovered living in the old ruins under the kingdom. The she-serpents had never been encountered outside of the Eastern lands before, and some believed that Galkaga's curse upon Laventus had led the naga lord's minions to their city. Several horses and the town crier vanished over the course of a few days, prompting the king to seek a warrior who might defeat the monster. 

When Laventus emerged from the sewers, he told a tale of an epic battle with the giant she-serpent and how a mighty thrust of his flaming spear ended her reign of terror over the kingdom. As the naga's attacks immediately ceased, no one had any reason to doubt the brave prince's heroic story. The truth, however, was decidedly less heroic - he and the naga shared a barrel of wine together beneath the city where they concocted his lie for the townspeople. Any naga would find Galkaga's chosen irresistible, and Laventus had no difficulty convincing her to find a new sewer to call her home in order to back up his lie.

Four years later, Laventus would face the gorgon Minra while on a mission for his father. Anyone who ventured near her hilltop lair was turned to stone, then smashed to pieces by her lashing tail or her massive mace. Upon his return to Veranos, sculptures would be chiseled and paintings would be hung depicting their valiant hero lopping off the great gorgon's tail and plunging his blade into her exposed belly...none of which actually happened of course; it was just another tall tale cooked up over a warm meal in the depths of Minra's cavernous abode.

Now known as "The Serpent Slayer" for his two apparent victories over the snake women, Laventus underwent a surprisingly rapid transformation from a brave young warrior into a ridiculous royal playboy, even embracing the derogatory moniker "Lust" given to him years before. Although still a good man at heart, women and fame became his priorities, and he relished in telling more and more exaggerated versions of his gorgon-slaying adventures to anyone who would listen. The women of Veranos could easily see that their prince had become a philandering ham, but Lust seemed completely oblivious and almost entertained by their rejections and mockery.

Recently, a messenger from Ronail arrived, requesting Lust's assistance in dealing with a gorgon that had been seen near the Southern border. Knowing that a refusal would jeopardize his reputation and all the perks that came with it, Laventus reluctantly set out towards his destination. However, when a week passed without his arrival, Sahmika was asked to locate and escort him safely. When she found him, she would learn that his womanizing ways combined with the true curse bestowed by Galkaga posed far more danger than a single gorgon...not to mention that he really is an annoying guy.
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