Fae and Flaeme (nature and underworld spirits)

Fae are spirits of nature, and live among trees, plants, and flowers. They appear as small glowing orbs roughly the size of a large dandelion puff, and are 'positive' spirits, while their underworld counterparts known as "flaemes" are 'negative' spirits. 

Humans and fae benefit each other; humans planting and protecting trees and other flora give fae a safe place to live away from predators (including other humans), and in return, fae magic prevents demons and underworld creatures from intruding into human communities. Most homes have potted plants to provide home for fae, and there are large trees inside the major cities that are home to hundreds of tiny magical defenders. Fae are mostly active at night, and also provide illumination for humans as they fly about.

As a fae child, the spirits are naturally drawn to Sahmika, with them occasionally taking up temporary residence in her hair. In battle, they can be quite beneficial in deflecting fiery flaeme breath and guiding thrown blades and loosed arrows to their targets.

In their natural state, flaemes appear as glowing, twisted purple shapes that emanate intense heat. They can be freely given new forms by their devil lord or prime (the leader of a harem), and members of harems are usually given the form of beautiful, curvaceous female humanoids with wings, horns, and an arrow-shaped tail.

Flaemes stand approximately 7 feet tall, can breathe fire (briefly) and summon quick bursts of flame to aid with slashing and punching attacks. They can hide their wings and tail temporarily to appear as human women, but are not particularly skilled at keeping up this disguise, as they like to drink excessively, smoke pipes, are strong enough to hurl a grown man across a room, and are immune to any damage not inflicted by fae.

Fae have an advantage over flaemes in this world (with the reverse being true in the underworld), which is why Sahmika is able to defeat common flaemes with relative ease. The converted flaemes Pype and Wyne would pose a much greater challenge though, and Vaene is currently too mighty an enemy for the fae maiden to handle at the moment. 

Whether they are knocked out by Sahmika's fists or felled by her blades, flaemes do not permanently die when defeated. Their spirits return to the underworld to be summoned again after a short regeneration period.
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