Eri (Lady Amberblanche of Veuken-Verve)

Current age: 33
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 122 lbs.
Favorite foods: veal, meat pies
Favorite drinks: Kelkauth ale
Likes: dancing, weaponry, shopping
Dislikes: clutter, rude men, being told what to do
Personality traits: clever, stubborn, sarcastic

Born to the wealthy Amberblanche family in the southern lands, Eri was pampered with gifts from her doting father and learned etiquette and manners from her introverted mother in the hopes that she would one day marry one of the royals. Her happy childhood came to an abrupt end when she was fourteen years old however, as corrupt officials from the royal court seized her father's lands and manor when he opposed their plans to force children (which would have included his daughter) to work as laborers on military construction projects. Eri and her parents then shared a small cottage with her uncle, but two years of harsh winters and the hoarding of food by the royals decimated the less-fortunate of her town, and both of her parents had succumbed to illness by her sixteenth birthday.

Determined to see justice carried out even if she had to see to it herself, Eri moved from her home town of Veuken-Verve to the royal palace of Casverve and found work first as a food server and later as a dancer for the royals. The beautiful and mysterious young entertainer was eventually able to learn the details behind the plot that had driven her family to despair and those responsible. She also found support from her first love, a handsome but foolhardy knight-in-training named Johnsel who taught her how to wield a blade and to survive outside of the comforts of the castle. When Eri told him that the one who was most responsible for the seizing of her family's estate was Keck, the paranoid spiritual adviser to the royals, Johnsel immediately went to Keck's chamber to confront him. However, Johnsel was killed, and Keck declared Eri to be an enemy of the kingdom. Now nineteen years old and unable to even visit her aging uncle, Eri fled the southern lands and made her way north by foot, caravan, and a short but risky trip by boat, finally taking refuge in a women's camp near the northern capital of Aldwyre. 

During the thirteen months she spent at the women's camp, Eri learned many practical skills and honed her own talents as a swordswoman by occasionally defending the camp from bandits and men who saw the women and children as an easy target. Just after her twentieth birthday, new construction in the capital city allowed the women in the shelter to find suitable homes. However, Eri traveled eastward, afraid that she would be imprisoned and interrogated by the Northern royals if it was discovered that she had worked for the House of Casverve. She later worked as a mercenary and enforcer in the rowdy town of Deudarten, finally moving on towards the large city of Ronail when Deudarten officials were unable to pay her after she defended the city from a dragon.

Tired of traveling and in need of money, Eri stormed into Ronail's training facility, overwhelmed several of the novice guards, and demanded the bounty for the dragon. After learning of all she had been through, Captain Wendell arranged for her to stay at the inn and earn her keep by assisting him at the training center. In addition to a stable new life and a wise, fatherly mentor, Eri also gained a little sister in Sahmika, Captain Wendell's 13-year old adopted daughter. Young Sahmika was fascinated with her fashionable and adventurous new sister, and it became challenging for her father to keep his innocent and impressionable daughter from emulating her new hero.

At age thirty-one, Eri began a relationship with a delegate to the king of Ronail, a man named Kamal who had lost his wife five years earlier to sickness shortly after giving birth to a son, Neyton. Due to the increasingly tense situation over Ryte activity and the archflaeme Vaene, Kamal was reassigned to the emperor's castle far to the west of Ronail, and Eri has been looking after Neyton ever since. On his own, the imaginative and rambunctious Neyton would be a handful, but with Eri feeding him exciting tales of adventure at every opportunity and with no strict father figure to keep him under control, the child has become a veritable whirlwind of limitless energy. Fortunately for the citizens of Ronail, Neyton spends much of his day with Eri at the training center, just as Sahmika did with her father when she was growing up.

Eri is now 33 years old and has taken over the job of weapons master and trainer after Captain Wendell's recent retirement. She and Sahmika are still very close, although now that her younger sister is an adult, Eri seems to gets a lot of pleasure out of pushing Sahmika's buttons; criticizing her fashion sense, comparing their accomplishments, and harassing her about finding a prince for a husband. From a pampered child to a wanted fugitive, from an exotic royal dancer to a warrior-for-hire, a big sister, a fashionista, instructor, protector of women and mother to a needy child, Eri's life has truly been an adventure.
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