(note: I do not have current or accurate pictures of these three demonesses yet. Any that you may find on my deviantArt page are extremely old and outdated).

Vaene the Seducer (Archflaeme of Jynnus, Prime of Mazenrahj)
The temptation of men to possess a woman of unparalleled beauty, elegance, and power would lead to the summoning of a demonic entity that no man could control. Brought forth from the underworld by a greedy sultan seeking a simple flaeme to command, the archflaeme Vaene is by far the most cunning and powerful of Sahmika's foes. 
Vaene takes the form a beautiful Eastern female with long, jet-black hair, sometimes set in unearthly styles with ornate decorations. Unlike all four hundred and forty-three of her minions, she does not have horns and can perfectly mimic human women of various ages and ethnicities. However, she will always try and disguise her face under a hood or mask to cover the glowing runes left on her forehead upon her summoning into this world.
After destroying the court of Jynnus and escaping the Eastern lands on a ship bound for Ronail, Vaene would briefly meet Sahmika at the docks and discover that there was one in this unfamiliar world that would ultimately prove to be a worthy opponent.

Pype the Sadistic (Lady Anneyune of Elmroad)
Once the wealthy wife of a prominent sheriff, the demoness Pype is a seductive and sadistic blonde beauty. Guests at the couple's mansion often sat in shock as the elegant lady of the house relished in sharing the most gruesome highlights of her husband's peacekeeping duties in bloody detail. Thanks to her insatiable desire for tales of death and violence, as well as her affinity for smoking from an ornate decorative pipe, rumors began spreading through the town that the sheriff's wife was possessed or perhaps already a demon. Their marriage lasted only seven months, perhaps cut short by the constant gossip among the townsfolk, with her husband finally electing to relocate to the larger city of Ronail to become a knight. Alone and feared by her neighbors, it took little effort from the visiting archflaeme Vaene to completely draw her to the darkness.

Wyne the Glutton (Lady Jae of Caovelle)
One of the trio of powerful demonesses that plague the lands, Wyne desires not gold or power as her companions do, but lives only for her next meal. Originally known as Jae, the portly sister of a village winemaker, she was convinced by Vaene to murder her brother and his family to seize control of the vineyard. Apparently impressed with her willingness to commit atrocities with virtually no hesitation or regret, the archflaeme bestowed both beauty and fearsome powers to her newest recruit. 
Wyne usually takes the form of a petite, olive-skinned flaeme with two tails, but in reality she is a ravenous glutton, able to consume a seemingly endless amount of food and drink due to her spirit being fused with that of a vicious demon monster known as a nybras. Nybrae are extremely rare; only one has ever been described in it's 'demonic' form and even that account is widely regarded as a local legend. Should Wyne be able to take nybrae form, she would become a beast-like behemoth that could trample a small army and likely be more than a match for Sahmika.
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