Feel free to contact me using the form below regarding reposting of my images, inquiries into my work or characters, or just to say that you liked what you saw.  :)  However, I highly encourage anyone who wishes to comment on an image or further interact with  me to do so through my deviantArt page and gallery, as it is much faster and convenient. Thank you!
​​​​​​​* I do not take commissions because I am limited to using the 3D content that I own. This means I am unlikely to be able to make exactly what you would want, and I would not want to disappoint you.
* Do not use any of my images or characters for commercial purposes or claim them as your own creations. I almost never have a problem with people reposting them as long as I am given credit as the creator.
* I will post any non-pornographic Smacky-related fan art here and on my deviantArt page with links to your own page, store, or gallery.
Thank you!
About SnowSultan
I've been working with 3D art since the first version of Poser was released in 1995, however none of us really could render anything worth sharing until Poser 4 came out in 1999.  The very first image I ever shared online was called "One Less Demoness", but that appears to have been lost forever (don't worry, it wasn't that good). My oldest image that is still available is "Monster Hunter Eri", a simple character render from 1999.

For a number of years, I was one of the top Free Stuff providers at Renderosity (until their members turned into a DAZ-hating cult and I left), and I'm proud to have introduced a number of advancements into the 3D community, including pin-up lights, an early global lighting rig, my Z-toon cartoon rendering technique, and the hand-made colored texture template "seam guides" for which I'm probably best known.

I'm also a 42-year veteran video game player who kept records of the first 860 NES, SNES, Genesis, Mega Drive, Gameboy, Neo-Geo, and Playstation games I completed on wall-mounted whiteboards until I ran of room and games starting to be too long to finish in a two or three-day rental period. Now I like playing long, grindy open-world console games that keep me busy for weeks when I probably should be making more art.

When I'm not playing games, making art, taking naps, or following politics, I also help university students and my international friends practice conversational English. I can make sense of very broken or limited English, so please don't worry if you wish to contact me and English isn't your first language! 

I hope you'll enjoy my art and thank you very much for taking the time to visit my page and learn a little about me. Take care!

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