Smacky Battles
Back on Top
Two in the Tummy
Still 25 Cents!
All New Action
Glass Kickin'
And Stay Down
The Extinguisher
Kiss on the Tummy
Firewall (by MahenBu)
Smacky vs. Demonesses (by Alexi Chabane)
Motion Comic Frame
Succubus Smackdown
New Look
Deathly Dance
The Librarian
In Better Days
The Mauve Queen
Born from Flaeme
Two Kisses
Famous Last Words
Breath of Death
Save Room for Dessert
Flaeme Pinup
Flaeme 2.0
Enarae and Flaeme Sheet
Pype (by Tovio Rogers)
Harem Flaeme Test
Hot Lips
Foxy Flaemes
2013 Flaeme Test
Sahmika and Friends
Hat Size
Smacky New Year
Fae at Heart
If I May...
Fae Problems
Pardon the Mess
Royal Castle of Ronail (2016)
I See a Sale!
Fatherly Wisdom
Papa and the Slayers
Papa's Girl (by Kimir-Ra)
Story Time!
Sleepy Sahmika (by Precia-T)
Slayers are Go!
Fun-sized Adventure
Political Smackiness
Just Smacky
Smacky Room (Isokol Test)
Adventure Gear Smacky
Portraiture Smacky
Little Friends (by June Jenssen)
Smacky (by Snow-White)
Tyra and Smacky (by Hollybell)
Art by Meago
Hands off (by Meago)
Rose Petals (by Tovio Rogers)
Sucker Punch (by Tovio Rogers)
Casual Smile
Eri and the Fashionable Threads
Lady Eri
Slayer in Black
Eri the Merciless
Storybook Lust 2015
Hello Ladies
The Serpent Slayer Returns
The Serpent Slayer (2011)
Feel free to contact me using the form below regarding reposting of my images, inquiries into my work or characters, or just to say that you liked what you saw.  :)  However, I highly encourage anyone who wishes to comment on an image or further interact with  me to do so through my deviantArt page and gallery, as it is much faster and convenient. Thank you!

All 3D images rendered by me in DAZ Studio with postwork in Photoshop. Hand-drawn pictures are either commissions or gifts from other talented artists.

* I do not take commissions because I am limited to using the 3D content that I own. This means I am unlikely to be able to make exactly what you would want, and I would not want to disappoint you.
* Do not use any of my images or characters for commercial purposes or claim them as your own creations. I almost never have a problem with people reposting them as long as I am given credit as the creator.
* I will post any non-pornographic Smacky-related fan art here and on my deviantArt page with links to your own page, store, or gallery.
Thank you!
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